Sun Day to Sun Day I am in…

Sun-Day to Sun-Day I am in here,
Smile to smile I am seeing in here,
Time by time I am enjoy my life in here,
Day by day I do manything in here,
and today is Saturday,
Yes, today is Saturday, friend,
So, tomorrow, Sunday will come,
That’s the sign that I should back to Bandung, tomorrow,
Then, continue my next steps there,
for more beautiful smiles in future.

Seven days,
on my motivator home sweet home,
six days has leaved,
so that, I have one day only, it’s today,
so that, I still in here until tomorrow,
and tomorrow at noon, I will on the way to Bandung.

Seven days on my motivator home sweet home,
There are much of knowledges and experiences that I take in here,
there are much of gratitude that I feel in here,
there are many and many thing that I get from here,
and the conclution is “I am enjoy my time” in here,
I am telling that I am happy in here,
Thank You Allah…
Then ~I Love You~, forever,
Thank You Bapak and Ibu…
Then ~I will Miss You~, in much of my time,

‘@-@ [Seven Days on My Motivator Home Sweet Home]


“Pesan-pesan positif dan konstruktif, sangat berguna demi masa depan kita”

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