Mentaripun Tersenyum (1:3)

This is next page of My Surya.  A blog about me and the smiling sun. So that, enjoy your time, with us. Thank you very much for Visiting,

Hello friend…! 


I like the sun so much. The sun is one of my life time friend. When the morning comes, I hope the sun is rising brightly. Then,  I share about that in here. And today, the sunrise is smiling with me, then share more words to me. Below are that words. I tell you because the smiling sun ask me to do this one.


Beautiful Friendship

Beautiful Friendship

Today is not my first day in here. Because, I ever with you in last time. And now, I am coming because I have plan to share all about my mind, my feel and my activities. And do you know? I wish do it since a long time ago.

Before, I have a dream to write all of words in this note pure in English. Although my English is still in process to be good. But, I wish practice it in much of time I have. So that, this blog come as a place of mine to make it be reality.

I like dreaming. So, I have many dream. One of my dream when I was child is be a writer. This dream is still in my mind until now.  This dream has come when I was in my home town about seven years ago. And now, I am in a city that far of my home town. After seven years, my dream appear in real world.

In my mind come a hope to make it true. Not just in dream, only. Since that time, I was practicing more. In every best opportunity, I am writing. And because of that dream, I have a hobby. Yeah, write in diary is one of my hobby. Until now, I am doing it. In my spare time, I always do it. In every moment, I take time to write. Seldom, I write in a blank  paper, then I am thinking.

After that, a question come, “How can I fill it with many words  of mine?”

I will not thinking more when write on a blank paper. But, just share what I wish to share.  I write about many topic. About much of idea that I have or someone gave me. I write its all. Some messages that every body tell with me, I share on that blank paper too. About my mind that time, about my imagine life in future, and many others.

After write on a blank paper, I read it. Then, I correct it my self. Because, I believe that there is some wrong in sentences that I created. For example; there is false when I put a letter in a word. So that, the word will have different meaning with what I mean.

Until now, there is no people who correct my sentences, yet. But, I hope that people will come. I believe that one of that people I mean is you. Who are you?

Now, I am thinking; many people will read sentences that they wish to read only. Because there is newest knowledges or experiences on it. And, I wish to write like that. So, much of people read sentences of mine happily.

Since today, I have another dream. Would you give me an opportunity to tell it?

How, how is your opinion?

Aha, although you are not answering my question, but I wish to continue it. Yes! I wish write about my another dream in this page. My dream that come lately is go abroad. I wish go to another country in this world. As a student may be, or be a tourist for a long time. Will I?

When this dream come in my mind, I remember about my dream when I was child. Yeah, my dream to be a writer and share about everything to other. And that dream is a reality now. I meet you, I tell you, then, I smile with you when doing it. I am smiling beautifully now.

For you whose come here and read sentences of mine, “What do you think about this, friend?”

To catch our dream and make it real, we need process. And that process need time. Not only time and process that we need to make our dream be reality. But, who beside us, when we are in process to make it real is very important.  And how about you? Do you think about this too? Then, do you have experiences, yet?

When we are walking, we can’t walk alone. We should find unique person who will help us to walk together.  I call them as friend.

Friend is not just a word. But, friend is ourselves. Friend is not everybody who near us, but they are in our mind when we need their contribution. Friend is not a people who we ever meet and live together, only. But, friend is some people who never meet us yet, but they are coming in our mind everytime. When we are remembering them. Then, we make a wonderful friendship with them all, forever.

One of my best experiences in this life is when I meet a new friend. New friend is a friend who never met us before. Yeah. So, when that time come, I am very happy.

In my last time, I have a friend.  Someone who help me to found my self. Someone who gave me the best way to get the answer of a question of mine, “Who am I?” Someone who save that question in my mind, indirectly. Someone who asked me a question, but I can’t answer it. Someone who make me thinking more until now. Someone, who are you? Ai! You are the best person one that I known.

O! How about my question with you? Have you answer it, too? And do you still remember about my question for you?

My old friend, for you specially, I send those sentences all. Hope, sometime you are come in here and read it. As my wish for you, being one of people who correct sentences of mine. Would you?

Who are you, I didn’t know before. When I introduce my self with you. I know that you are a person as another person that I met. Yeah. I think that you are same with them all. But, after we make some conversation, actually you are different with others. You are very different. And in my mind there is no people who same with you. And  you have a character that I never found. So that, your come into my life bring a new colour. I am so proud of you. Someone that make me thinking more, using my feeling much, and sometime, I am smiling when remembering you.

What are those..??

I still not understand until now. You was coming in my mind more than one time. You are accompany me in my dream land, more than five time. And last night, you was coming again. I still learn more about this. Am I thinking more about you? I think, no. But, you are make an idea everytime you are coming in my mind.

And, this note come because of I remember you. Because I still remember about a sentences that you ever wrote. That sentence is not for me, but maybe you wrote it for your self. But, I read it too. A sentence that you write from your heart, and my heart read it. Then, I bring the meaning of that sentence. The meaning that I create by my self.

Your message tell other important message for me who have much of dream in this life. And then, that message is here, in my mind. It is remembering me with you. For you who ever write a beautiful sentence and I read it, thank you very much. You are so kind person that I know in my life journey.

Until now, I have much stock of idea from you. You are who diarist too. You are who like sharing about your mind, your feel and much of your activities with your community. I hope, someday will be a part of your activity in reality.

Although until now, you have full plan in your mind, let’s share it. Then, I can make some messages of it. If you are not share about your mind, your feel and other, so I don’t know about that forever.

For you who be a part of my life until now, I hope that you are in your best. Start your life today and smiling more beautiful. Because I am doing same. For you who I wish to meet, how are you?

If you are living in different ocean, it is not a problem. Although you are come from the sky, why not? Let we are making a plan to meet.

I am a smiling sun. I live in the sky too. I have not place in the earth. But, I am shining everyday brightly. I wish the earth brighten when I am coming. But, sometime when I am not smile, I will save it and still smile with you. Even cloud arround me, I am trying to push it. Because of I wish do my best until my past time.

I tell you about this as a message to you. Ya, you should tell me back when there is much of cloud arround me. When I am not brave to make it go, then you can help me. Because of you are important for me since you are coming in my life.

Don’t tell me about sad news if you don’t want to look me sad.  Share me about your happy news then I am smiling as soon as possible. Because your happy is mine. And how about you?

Now, I am understand that if we wish make another person happy we should happy first. Although we can’t do that always, I believe that we can do it a little. And when we do little… little… little and little everytime, we will do more in our last time.

Friend, sometime there is much of tears walking on your cheek! But, enjoy it only.  And believe that there is happiness will come and near. In this life, you should understand every moment and everytime. When you see one of your friend crying, let she/he in that situation. But, don’t go anywhere. Just beside him/her while prepare to give your best smile for him/her specially.

Your friend will get it when she/he wake and stand again. After thinking that she/he should continue her/his next steps with you.  From your smile, your friend will learn to smile, also. So,  with smile, this life is more colourful.

Don’t ask your friend to stop, when they are crying. Because, they will cry much. Ya, they think that you are very kind person. But, in that condition, they can’t share the most beautiful smile with you. So that, they are continue to fill tears on the cheek.

Sometime, you are looking your friend crying. Don’t ask them, why? Because they will not answer your question directly. But, they will see your beautiful eyes.  And then, asking same question with you, “Why you are asking me? When I am crying…?”

Then,  your friend will tell the answer using their wet eyes, “If you can touch my deep heart, you will know that it’s very soft. I am crying because of I wish to keep my heart safety.  This heart saying something, but my mouth can’t tell it. I can’t tell it by voice. Only write it in those words, to tell you more. So, when you are not understand in first time to read, you can read it again, in another time. Until you are know that I am very proud with you. I am happy. Very happy.  I am happy because I have an opportunity to share my expression in front of you.”

You can remember me, everytime you wish, as what I am doing with you. I remember you because you are beside me when I am happy or not. That is one of the reason to keep our friendship forever.

🙂 🙂 🙂



  1. It’s a wonderfull story…
    i am happy to hear the sentences..
    it’s so…..emh…
    i can’t give expresition with word by word…
    but…i hope, i can become as you…


    • Hii Ima, my new friend… 😀 Thanks a bunch for all. Hope we meet in real world to arrange word together, next time.

      🙂 Oia, May I know your site? Then I can visit yours  in other opportunity. 

        Best Regards,

      ~…My Surya…~

      ‘Kita berhadapan dengan situasi yang tidak semuanyaIDEAL untuk menjadi pribadi yang DINAMIS’


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