Queen on My Heart Castle is You, too, Friend

Thin Act

Thin Act

“The world is little, people are little, human life is little. There is only one big thing — desire.” (Willa Cather)

One thing that I wish share now is about dream and act. Dream, we will get it if we are sleeping. But act when we are wake up, only. (Kalau beraksi pas lagi bobo’ itu namanya ‘ngigau’)

Before I have a dream. My dream is I am having a big thinker friend. But now, I meet a thin act one. Oh! Dear. But, I am enjoy my day with this fact. Because I think that although only one friend with me now, but my friend can do more if we are do something together. And then the value will be better than do it by one person only.

A best friend that I have, make me smiling in much of my time. Because there is something that I get since we are make a friend. Ya, you are right. That is a word. Because my friend advice me to be a queen on my heart castle. So, everytime I can arrange the castle, manage it by myself then invite my other friend on it.

A best friend still give an empty room for someone special on his/her heart. Because he/she is understand that room will be empty forever without the best friend. And the heart feel better after friend come into.

On that little castle, there is happiness, there is smiling and there is proud, when same feeling came to her/his best friend. Because they are one heart forever after. For you, who is my friend; everywhere you are, keep in touch yach. Although by share a sentence about your feeling now. So that, I am smiling in here for you, friend. But if there is opposite feeling that you get, keep share too. Then, we can share our energy. I wish give my best of mine for you.

Tell me about your success in life, then I wish learn from you. How is the way to get it. And tell me about your failure, too. So that, you are teach me about it. Because you are the online teacher of me. May be I never pay you as my thankful. But you should believe that I write your name on my heart. In this little castle, your name will safety until the end. Except there is a person who asked me, “Who is the best friend I mean?.”

So, I tell them, the person is you are. Yes, you are the best one whose I meet on this little world. Because of you are usefull and very important to me. Then, have you thinking same as me about your self in my opinion, friend?

🙂 🙂 🙂

🙂 🙂 🙂 PRASASTI KITA 🙂 🙂 🙂

Engkau yang awalnya satu, kini tak lagi begitu.
Ada yang senantiasa bersamamu dalam melangkah.
Buka mata, lalu melihatlah.
Optimalkan fungsi telinga, lalu mendengarlah.
Raba hati, lalu rasakanlah apa yang sesama rasakan.
Indera penciuman, ada pada hidungmu.
Pedulilah pada lingkungan.
Ada kulit yang membentang luas pada dirimu, itulah alam.

YM :: maryas_y


“Pesan-pesan positif dan konstruktif, sangat berguna demi masa depan kita”

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